I would like to thank the whole team of CLC Bandung for the great English and Deutsch course. It was a brilliant learning experience. Thanks again.

RassyaStudent in Germany
Les di CLC Bandung seruuu! Pengajarnya ramah dan sabar banget ngajarin sampe kita bisa! Pokoknya Ik hou van jou!
LinggarPostgraduate in Groningen
Handi Wiranata

我以前不会说、听、读、和写汉语。但是学了大约八个月在 CLC 以后,我的汉语水平有挺大的进步。CLC的老师很热情,很耐心得教我,学习时间也很圆通,给CLC双赞! 总的来说,我建议新学生在这里学汉语!

Saya sebelumnya tidak bisa bicara, mendengar, membaca dan menulis huruf mandarin. Tapi setelah belajar kurang lebih 8 bulan di CLC, bahasa Mandarin saya meningkat jauh. Guru di CLC sangat ramah, sabar mengajar saya, waktu belajarnya juga sangat fleksibel, CLC patut dipuji! Saya merekomendasikan untuk belajar bahasa Mandarin di sini.

Handi WiranataMahasiswa - Fakultas Teknik Kimia, Universitas Parahyangan, Bandung

“There are not a lot of Dutch courses available in Bandung, however I found two course places to choose from. I choose for CLC and this was a choice I have not regret. CLC offers private and group lessons. The first day of the lesson it proved me already that the course place is the one I was looking for; it started with a warm welcome. The other aspects that made me feel comfortable are the method of teaching and the professional teacher(s) with their experience from abroad. My teacher ensured me that after 20 lessons I would be able to manage the A1 needed for the Dutch Inburgering test. The hospitality of the staff and teachers are exceptional and nothing is too much to ask. For all the above reasons I would highly recommend CLC. And a special thanks to the following awesome teachers; Mevrouw Inez, Mevrouw Mieke and Frau Nurul!”

FikarController Clerk - Holland America Line